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Reactivity, Confidentiality &Tranquility.


Your assistant will remain at your disposal at all times to deliver excellent service.


Excellam is the most adaptable and flexible service on the market thanks to our capacity of tailor-made services designing for satisfaction, throughout the world.
Our goal is to help you balance your professional and private life with elegance and efficiency. Our personal assistants master the know- how to enhance your experiences with responsiveness, discretion, confidence, and performance.
Our expertise is to save your precious whereas our goal is to make ourselves indispensable.
Our bilingual and trilingual personal assistants are all former golden keys (clefs D’or) from the luxury hotel industry. Their expertise differentiates us in the world of luxury private concierge services.
Our personal assistants are honored to accompany you to your success in all domains, by taking care of your wishes with confidentiality, professional ethics, responsiveness, expertise networking, and secret know-how.


Bespoke solutions for all your private or professional travels

Your personal assistant will provide bespoke solutions for all your private or professional travels (booking for flights, private jets, helicopters, boats, cars with chauffeur….). Your personal assistant organizes and secures your trips and makes them more pleasant. Not only we make every step of the trips go seamlessly, but we also select the best partners according to what your expectations and desires. All you have to do is hop in and relax and let me take you to the destination.


Tailor-made travel solutions for all your private or business trips.

– Our babysitter who is available even at the last minute.
Our private chefwho is selected according to the desired world cuisine to make your lunches, evenings, and all your events a wonderful success.
Our interior design decorator who advises you in your main or secondary residence, he or she proposes his/ her expertise and bespoken advice.

Personal shopping and style experts
Our personal shopping and style experts who are masters at sourcing coveted fashion, rare collectables and unique gifts for that special someone.

All other types of domestic services are available according to your wishes.


Your personal assistant will take out all the stress of traveling and make your business or personal trip a moment of tranquility

Your personal assistant will devote his expertise at your disposal to optimize your stays in France and abroad.
Excellam would like to indulge your exquisite tastes with the recommendation and organization of the best activities, local getaways, and privileged moments.
You will also be able to discover the most exceptional restaurants. We will manage all your administrative formalities, traveling plans, ticket reservations, hotel booking, and car rentals according to your personal requirements and taste.


Your personal assistant makes reservations for restaurants, shows, sports events, concerts in France and throughout the world, including for sold-out events

Your assistant pays close attention to the latest sport, cultural and artistic news to suggest events not to be missed with the precision of your interests and passions.
Our specialist team will recommend the highlighted exhibition of the moment, the next concert of your favorite group, an unrivaled opera…
We know how to satisfy your last-minute requirements to help you attend events even when sold out.


Your personal assistant guarantees the safety of you and your loved ones both physically and on the internet.

Your personal assistant selects the most reliable experts in the field to meet your needs perfectly.
– Close protection services (bodyguard)
– Specialized driver
– Digital bodyguard
– Crisis/ E-reputation management
– Internet prevention
– Continuous surveillance
– Data monitoring
– Supervision of a public or private event.



Your personal assistant offers advisory and consultancy services for all your searches of real estate and works of art throughout the world. We aim to save your time and find the best offer in your interest.

– Real estate purchase
– Real estate rental
– Auctions
– Work of Art
– Search for selected vehicles.


Your personal assistant replaces or assists you in managing certain private or professional daily tasks.

This allows you to fully concentrate on your core business, saving you precious time.

– Confidential mailings
– Follow-up and management of administrative files
– Legal documents management (passport, car license…)
– Publication of wedding banns…


Your personal assistant will fulfill your wishes based on bespoke standards.

We would organize private events like your children’s birthday, create unforgettable moments, plan family weekends and search for a last-minute gift… We will select the perfect venue in close coordination with our partners; everything will be prepared to perfection according to your liking.
You can count on your assistant to understand your personal needs so you can just relax and live in the moment with your loved ones.
– Book iconic sports match with your loved ones
– Find the best sport or artistic events
– Search for internships, higher education in France and abroad.


Your personal assistant chooses the best Beauty and Wellness professionals according to your priorities and expectations.

The well-being of the body and mind is the foundation of self- confidence.

– Hairstylist
– Make-up Artist
– Personal Trainer
– Sophrologist
– Yoga Classes
– Assistance during a stay in a hospital or a clinic In the world.


Your personal assistant will assist you in managing your emergencies.

Management of water damage, search and supervision of a plumber or a locksmith, taking care of your children after school in case your nanny would fail you, recovery of your impounded vehicle.
Your assistant, a true partner of confidence, takes over and minimizes your inconveniences so that you can benefit from better time management and freedom.
With the support of your assistant, you will have better control of time and carry out your schedule without stress or worrisome.


Excellam is at your disposal for your events or in support of other service professionals of your choice. Our goal is to coordinate with every party for a successful operation.

We ensure added value to your clients, your collaborators, your friends while creating emotional memories and unique moments with customized proposals.


Your personal assistant transforms your professional or private stays in Paris into unique memories and tailor- made adventures, in France and overseas.

Excellam dedicated global network of travel specialists unearth the most original destinations and curate bespoke cultural experiences. Our service will not only optimize every minute of your trip time but make it a relaxing moment.
We are at your service to design your itinerary according to your priorities and your desires of the moment, of your centers of interest.