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Welcome to the universe of EXCELLAM

For more than 20 years, Alexandra Mathieu has been evolving in different aspects of the world of luxury.

Today, throughout EXCELLAM, Alexandra invites you to her universe dedicated to all services related to personal assistants, networking, and events.

This project was born because Alexandra has noticed a growing demand for a qualified personal assistant over the years. And people are in need of different accessibility which varies from punctual, medium-term, annual, or customized requirements.

In the current market, most of the players in the sector provide annual membership. That’s why EXCELLAM would like to distinguish itself by proposing the “à la carte services” that respond to your needs.

We aim to facilitate your life by optimizing your time through our personal and professional assistance that is available 24/7 across the world.

This new project is also an opportunity for you to live unique moments, share your passions, achieve your goals, and accomplish your dreams while you simply need to lay back and enjoy.

The EXCELLAM team proposes our expertise, know-how, and precious to your personal or business needs.

Our partners are selected according to a serious set of specifications because we care for protecting your personal, financial, and health data security.

We remain at your disposal at all times to meet all your expectations.